Camp Forms



May 25, 2019 – Registration deadline for all camps except Mariachi.

June 1, 2019 – All camp forms are due for registered campers. 

June 8, 2019 – Registration deadline for Mariachi Camp. Camp forms must be completed by this date.

Once you have completed your camp registration online, please click below to complete the required camp forms. Successfully completing and submitting these forms will finalize your camp registration.

These links will not become active until camp registration has opened.

DocuSign Instructions:

  • All forms must be filled out online using DocuSign. We cannot accept paper copies.
  • Please click on the link above for the forms that need to be completed before your camper is allowed to attend camp. Note that there is a 2 hour limit before DocuSign logs you out.
  • Once you finish all required components of the form, you will need to select “finish” in the bottom right of the screen. If this box as not appeared, docusign will guide you to fill in any missing information it requires.
  • If you do not press “finish”, your form will not be submitted and we will reach out to ask you to complete a new form as it will not be saved.

Please visit the link below for a video to help with Docusign. 

For support or help with DocuSign:

Or cal1-866-219-4318 or 1-800-379-9973

Any other questions or problems? Please email the camp office.