Audition Update (March 23, 2020)

Auditions for middle and high school band are expected to be completed by online video submission for this summer’s camp. However, due to the impacts of school closures and the coronavirus, we are not yet accepting online audition videos, and may revert to live auditions on the first day of each camp. The camp office will send an update via email and provide additional information on this page about audition instructions not later than Monday, April 20.

Specialists on each instrument will evaluate each camper's individual audition video. Based on this audition, each camper will be placed in the ensemble best suited for his/her playing ability.
 Please remember that all of our campers are outstanding musicians and are often the top players from their schools/regions. Audition results are carefully tabulated and checked by camp staff. Band assignments will not be altered after posting. Results will be announced at the conclusion of the 6:00 PM camp meeting and parents will be notified via email soon thereafter. Campers are encouraged to contact their parents with their band placement.

Audition music has been selected to make a critical judgment of the camper's current ability. The camper should be adequately prepared to play his/her best. It is not necessary to memorize any of the audition music.

Below you will find the required audition excerpts for the 2020 Longhorn Music Camps. Please visit each camp's individual information page for additional information about the auditions.

Middle School Saxophone Academy does not require auditions.




High School Campers will receive an email with a password protected link to the audition material. This material will be available on May 8, 2020.

Please email the LMC office if you did not receive the email with the password on May 24, 2020.


Students participating in the High School Mariachi camp will be auditioned live on the first day of camp. Audition requirements and information will be distributed via email to all camp participants.